The first sustainable cooking app.

Eat better and reduce your carbon footprint,
one meal at a time.

Personalized nutrition
meets sustainability

We made sustainable eating incredibly easy,
through personalized nutrition.

Know Eat All curates recipes based on your region, dietary preferences, lifestyle choices and values.

No more digging through gazillions of irrelevant recipes.

Reduce your footprint,

27% of greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to what we eat. That's much more than transportation.

Know Eat All uses carbon emissions data & dynamic seasonality to suggest the most sustainable options.

"Modern problems require modern solutions."

Cook a recipe,
we plant a tree

We’ve partnered up with Wells for Zoë so that every time you cook with the app, we will plant a tree on your behalf.

Post your meal on social, and we’ll make it 2.
All the deets can be found in the app when we launch.

Know Eat All is currently in public Beta.

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